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The 8th European Social Week will be held from Thursday 23 till Saturday 25 February 2023 in Lyon. We finally have enough certainty so that were able to arrange a date.We will be meeting in Lyon, with CFTC as our organizing partner. At this moment we are working on the last arrangements; we hope to have the programme, the line-up of speakers, and the conference venue  agreed to and reserved by the end of the summer. (A proper translation of title and subtitle is forthcoming.)

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Rebalance our economy with the Common Good Product

Learn more about this proposal to rebalance the economy. It is an initiative of Economy for the Common Good and might be of interest for all who want to contribute to a greener economy. The website explains what the Common Good Product is and has a link to a petition on the occasion of the G20 summit, 30–31 October 2021.

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