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Report EPSIN-Seminar Circular and partial economy is available

The report of the Epsin-Seminar Circular and partial economy is available. This seminar was held 30 January till 1 February 2020 in Eindhoven and included a visit to Het Beginstation in Helmond. One can download the report on the seminar page.

The introduction by Fons Claessen gave a good basis and knowledge level for the excursion to Het Beginstation and the discussion on chances for employment on the second day of this meeting.
We have seen a very fine example of a pioneer and front-runner in circular economy that combines the principles of sustainability with providing employment to men and women with a distance to the labour market.
The introduction of Kris Bachus enabled us to have a good insight in the job opportunities of circular economy. We learned that mostly low skilled workers can benefit from circular economy. We discussed how to cope with this problem in a future seminar.

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