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Labour, greener economy and the digital transformation

The 8th European Social Week

Coping with climate change and the transition to a sustainable and climate neutral economy are urgent tasks with which we are faced in a time where the digital transformation of the world of labour is a pressing issue. The Corona-pandemic has further destabilized labour relations and weakend the power of labour unions, further exarbating the position of disadvantaged groups such as refugees, young persons and persons with a handicap.

At the 8th European Social Week we shall explore how hte world of labour will change or adjust in the light of (1) the transition to a green economy and (2) the digital transformation; further on (3) we shall explore the ethical aspects for our running our economy of especially the transition to a green, sustainable economy.

As it stands, we hope to organize the 8the ESW the winter 2022/23, Covid-permitting. If possible, we might be able to organize a short seminar in preparation of this event.

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